Thursday, March 17, 2005

ScubaLinx seems to be mostly a search engine for the Cyber Diver News Network (CDNN), although it also claims to cover the ScubaLinx Directory, Cyber Diver, Scuba Forum and Poll as well.

CYBER DIVER :: ScubaLinx Scuba Diving Directory and Scuba Search Engine


Anonymous said... is managed by one person, as are all the other sites he claims to be affiliated with. He presents himselves as a huge organization, but none of the names he uses as staff, writers or even editors are real people. This is one man's attempt to manipulate the dive market and trash people and companies he doesn't like. The site is full of stolen content from other web sites and there are a number of people who are working on shutting this guy down permanently. Even his affiliation with iPlanet is a scam. Its not a real company. Just another attempt by him set up to cover his real identity. Unfortunately he keeps popping up on new servers because his hosting companies don't want anything to do with him. Maybe this is why 65% of the links on his sites are broken links. He can't keep up. His scubapoll site is grossly inaccurate. Anyone who has ever disagreed with this guy or doesn't give him what he wants quickly drops to the lowest rating. Those who give him free stuff quickly move to the top. There is NOBODY in the dive industry who would agree that the Thorfinn is such a great boat. Fortunately there about as many people who belive anything he puts on any of his sites. His ratings are nothing more than his opinion. His web sites are a joke, he is a joke. I hope someday somebody teaches this guy a lesson and files a major law suit against him. Its too bad that there are several good operators that have affiliated themselves with him, but they are quickly learning the truth.

Anonymous said...

Obviously somebody's got a nasty complex about and an ugly axe to grind. No doubt they got rated at the bottom of the heap so now they're trying to discredit the and Scuba Poll ratings.

Just to set the record straight, last year I had the privilege to join an archeaological dive expedition organized by Cyber Diver. In addition to four CDNN editors - Nathan, Stanford, Freeman and Cynthia - there were several Cyber Diver staff who also work on the ScubaLinx project. So much for the lie that is 'one person'.

The second lie is that Scuba Poll is inaccurate. Only liars who get bad ratings would say such a stupid thing.

The third lie is about Thorfinn. I have been diving - mostly wreck diving - for 37 years. My wife and I have also designed and built three liveaboard boats (meaning we live on the boats we design and build). Not only is Thorfinn the most seaworthy scuba diving liveaboard I have ever been on, it's one of the few live-aboard dive boats that also has historical significance. In addition to Thorfinn (a ship that would never capsize in a hurricane), ScubaLinx rates Cuan Law, Lammer Law and Manthiri as the world's top liveaboards. No one I know would ever describe such world-class vessels as anything less than the very best. They are in a class by themselves, a fact underscored by the ScubaLinx ratings.

The anti-ScubLinx comment is obviously from a frustrated industry insider who resents the fact that big business no longer controls the information flow thanks to the internet and sites like ScubaLinx that tell it like it is--not the way the industry and the big advertisers want you to hear it...

Anonymous said...

All one needs to do is talk to an advertiser who has cancelled their contract with ScubaLinx and they will tell you how "reputable" this company is. You'll see them quickly drop to the number one spot the the bottom of the list. Anyone can say they have met multiple people from this "organization", including the guy who runs it from his trailer in Washington. Robert, get a life.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a stupid, frustrated, nasty loser. Anybody can tell you that your advertising schemes cannot put you on top of the heap if you are really just CRAP. And obviously you are just CRAP because you think you are better than people like my wife's mom and dad who live in a very nice, comfortable, modest and lovingly maintained mobile home. It's not an estate of the "rich and famous" but it's what you get after 40 years of honest hard work for a company that goes bankrupt and kills your pension. Do you really think you are better than they are and 99% of the non-industrialized world because you've got a 30-year mortgage on a box in the suburbs? Does your money make you a better person than those who have less? Sorry my friend--that attitude is dead wrong and does nothing but foster anti-Americanism.

ScubaLinx tells it like it is and no doubt that's why some advertisers quit. But I have certainly taken note that the really top-class companies - Suunto, Mares, Cuan Law, Lammer Law, Manthiri, Action Divers, Dive VIP, Thorfinn, etc - the companies that have been supporting ScubaLinx for years, well active scuba divers like me who really care about the environment support them with top ratings and purchases of their products and services because clearly they support full protection of marine wildlife and uncompromised diver safety. More power to ScubaLinx and more power to ScubaLinx sponsors!!!

Anonymous said...

This is why there are so many divers who boycott your advertisers. Get on any blog or forum and you will be lucky if you find anyone who has any good to say about any of your sites. If ANYTHING you publish is accurate, then why don't you expose who you really are? Are you ashamed? You should be! You have attempted to cover up your real identity by building layers of bogus companies to make yourself look like a large organization. Your ScubaPoll results are not real... admit it! Do I have an axe to grind? You bet! You are a fake, you are a liar! And are exposed!

Anonymous said...

To You could make a step toward cleaning up your sleezy reputation by creating a REAL online voting poll. One where visitors could only vote once and the results are immediately displayed. One where YOU could not manipulate the results. There are many cheap scripts like this available and these are very easy to build. Of course then your favorites would no longer be on top and those people you don't like would not be on the bottom. But at least it my be a little bit closer to the truth.

Anonymous said...

You are getting delusional again--better get back on your meds before you start ranting again about people who live in mobile homes.

Anyway, my name is not Robert nor Bonnie Pelnar. You probably never heard of Pelnar nor Underwater Colours and could not care less, right?

But that case certainly points out how reliable and accurate ScubaLinx is. Pelnar of Underwater Colours is a washed-up, burnt-out never-was-been and a scammer who has been ripping off companies and destroying their reputations with crude, ugly little web sites she whips out in an hour or two with an ugly $50 template. Her worthless generic fish photos are even worse, a fact underscored by diver ratings in the ScubaLinx photographer section. She's rated dead last and that rating, at least, is absolutely correct. Check it out:

Meet Bonnie Pelnar, the World's Worst Underwater Photographer

I don't agree with all of the ScubaLinx ratings but I do think their "hands on" approach produces more reliable results because they can weed out the scammers like Bonnie Pelnar who would attempt to inflate their own ratings and discredit their competitors. Anybody can get around the dinky little scripts you're talking about that fail to prevent people from submitting multiple votes.

While there is definitely room for improvement at ScubaLinx, I think it's an excellent resource and apparently many others agree because the site gets top ratings. I first found it with a Google search for "scuba directory"--it was listed in the top 10.

About the ScubaLinx advertisers, I'm certain Suunto, Mares, Thorfinn and the others are doing just fine without your nickels and dimes.

But the bottom line is this: If you can't handle the reality that people don't like you, direct your frustrated rant to the people at ScubaLinx. I'm not professionally involved with the site and it's not my fault you got trashed by the diving public - fairly and accurately no doubt.

By the way, what is the name of your company and which ScubaLinx directory is it in?

Anonymous said...

Hey dude! - you might consider getting some anger management therapy!

Anonymous said...

Bobby Hart, you hit the nail right on the head! Your attempt to hide your ID has failed, your websites are a miserable failure and serve no purpose except to amuse the dive industry who does not believe ANY of your crap. Your attempts to destroy reputable companies like PADI and DAN and the hundreds of others you continually trash with your lies will only destroy you! Really Robert, NOBODY cares what YOU think. If these companies, agents, boat operations, photographers, travel companies, etc are so HORRIBLE, then why are they the most successful in the indudustry? Not that the Thorfin is all THAT bad, but come on, the boat can't even MOVE from one spot. And you call this one of the world's best live aboards? Get real!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean somebody's not out to get you. But seriously, before bobby rams his bomb toting trailer into PADI headquarters, and the Martians take over DAN, GET BACK ON YOUR MEDS. You're losing it again.

I don't have any web sites, and it's not my fault the diving public trashed you, but I do know good boats. You don't and that's why your attempt to smear Thorfinn (and ScubaLinx) badly misses the mark.

Not only does Thorfinn weigh anchor, it is the only one of the three liveaboards based in Truk that is seaworthy enough to leave the lagoon in a hurricane-prone area, which it does regularly on scheduled Pan Micronesia cruises. Check out the Pan Micro expeditions on the world's most seaworthy liveaboard which also boasts a one-to-one crew to passenger ratio!

They also have a nice new modern web site unlike poor down and out Truk Odyssey which could only afford an ugly Bonnier Pelnar template site with her worthless photos, broken links and pathetic little cutesy mouseovers. C'mon--it's 2005, not 1996!#%

Bonnie Pelnar is rated dead last in the Underwater Photographers section, proof positive they usually get it right. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed it's just the losers, not the winners, who whine about the ratings. You're here complaining, but you don't see the winners - David Doubilet, Wolfgang Leander, Tony Wu, Charles Maxwell, Chris Newbert, Norbert Wu - complaining about ScubaLinx ratings. They've got better things to do and that's why they're at the top of the charts and you're at the bottom.

And why are you rated at the bottom? You already answered that right here with your crude and self-destructive attempt to smear Thorfinn and ScubaLinx to save your own butt.

And who are you? For anyone who has not already figured it out, we'll let that nasty cat out of the bag in the next round...

Anonymous said...

You don't know who I am, do you!!? You are talking around in circles and with each comment you make, you're just proving my point. You're trying to put the focus on another good company who you obviously have a grudge against. How can you criticize anyone else's web sites when your sites are full of broken links and barely functional? You've attempted to cover up your identity with fake names, addresses and companies that don't exist. You take emails that have been sent out to the industry, post them on your site, and credit the story to "staff". Why don't you just admit that YOU HAVE NO STAFF! I can't wait until someone sues you for slander or fraud. Don't think your attempts to hide are going to help you, because you're just digging your own grave. There are many people who would love to see you buried. And I'll be more than happy to provide all the info I have about you when this finally does happen. Guess again Bobby! Come on, dig yourself even deeper. I'm really enjoying this!! You don't get it do you?

Anonymous said...

Give it up Bonnie. You drowned Underwater Colours in crude web sites and worthless photos. That's your fault and and you can lie all you want but you're not fooling anybody but yourself. More power to ScubaLinx and the diving public for exposing your scams.

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Hart, you think you're so smart. You still living in Issaquah? Or do we need to hunt down your whereabouts again? So why the New Zealand address? And why the front? Why don't you tell the world who you really are? You're asking me to, yet you are still hiding behind your fake companies and people who don't exist. You haven't answered any of my questions. Just dished out a lot of name calling and bashing. No surprise, that's what you do best. Want more? I've got plenty! Want me to go into detail?

Anonymous said...

No Bonnie, you’ve still got the wrong name, I'm not professionally involved with ScubaLinx, and no, I don’t think I’m so smart. Just medium smart like most people but that’s more than adequate to see through your con-job.

You came here on a revenge trip and tried to smear your nemesis. Instead, you smeared yourself and self-destructed with your litany of lies and frustrated angst, all of which underscores why people don’t like Bonnie Pelnar and don’t want to do business with Underwater Colours. You are your own worst enemy. I'm sorry if that makes you more angry, but it's obviously true.

I first learned about your scams from my wife, not ScubaLinx. She uses your web sites like Truk Odyssey to teach her junior high school students about all the mistakes amateur web designers make. Like I said Bonnie, it’s 2005, not 1996. People have moved on and these days it takes a lot more than your old copy of GoLive for Dummies to design and build the kind of professional, cutting edge web sites that web-savvy companies demand in 2005.

Your sites look ugly and dated but it's worse than that. You don't know anything about html code so they break down in different browsers and different screen resolutions. Worse, your site pages come in dead last in the search engine ratings. Anyway, it's time for dinner in my time zone. We can look at specific pages that don't work in the next round...

Anonymous said...

Since you keep bringing up Under Watercolours, who you obviously are very envious of, I did look at some of their work. Quite nice! I would encourage anyone who is reading this to do the same and judge for themself. It doesn't look like many agree with your "ratings" because their client list is the who's-who in scuba diving. So why are you bashing this company? There are few people who are so passionately hateful about things so petty. Maybe you need to get a real job.

You are simply trying to move the focus away from what CDNN really is. Your time zone comment isn't going to fool anyone. If your "wife" has so much time on her hands that she can rip apart other people's web sites, why doesn't she fix all the broken links on your sites?

Here are just a few more links that show what the dive community really thinks about CDNN...,22600,22619#msg-22619,22600,22640#msg-22640,22600,22621#msg-22621,22669,22669#msg-22669,21660,21708#msg-21708,10486,10527#msg-10527

As one person commented, CDNN is the "National Enquirer" of the scuba diving community. Well said, but that might be a little too much of an insult to the National Enquirer.

Anonymous said...

No Bonnie--I’m not envious of your scams. All I feel is genuine sympathy for the innocent people you ripped off. The Underwater Colours list of mostly former customers is a who’s who of Bonnie Pelnar victims who saw their corporate images damaged by a fraud with a copy of GoLive for Dummies and some worthless generic clownfish pics.

Like I said Bonnie, it’s 2005, not 1996. All those small company owners who didn’t have a clue about the web back in the 90s have wised up and they’re dumping you like yesterday’s rancid garbage. They’re web savvy now and they know the difference between professional web designs like and your crude WYSIWYG template sites like, another company you ripped off with the same old crude 90s frame set, the ugly little navigation bar on the left and bloated code that ensures your sites always rate dead last in the search engine rankings.

When I go to, I’m always impressed because the beautiful site design precisely reflects the quality of their high-tech products. When I go to, I’m always disappointed and turned off because the crude, clumsy low-tech site design completely fails to reflect the quality of their high-tech products. Same with, and the other companies you ripped off with ugly template sites that didn’t cut it five years ago and are infinitely worse now.

Your own site that you’re promoting here exemplifies why Underwater Colours failed. It’s crude. It’s unprofessional. It breaks down in different browsers and different screen resolutions. And only the worst amateurs glorify navigation bars as if that’s what the site is all about.

Give it up Bonnie. Nobody cares about your chatroom fodder and sockpuppet lies. You’re a washed up never-was-been and you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.

Anonymous said...

You can babble on and on here about how much you hate this company for what YOU think is shotty web design, but really, NOBODY CARES! You reek of ulterior motive. The way you trash good people and good companies is SICK and OBSESSIVE! Why do you hate everybody so much? Mike Ball, PADI, Scuba Diving Magazine, Divers Alert Network, Peter Bennett, Erich Ritter and Nigel Margen as well as hundreds of others. Is there anybody that you don't HATE? Every page of your web site is about some scam, rip-off or conspiracy. Come on, the scuba industry isn't that corrupt. If you hate us so much, why don't you just get out! You will never be an Undercurrent or Dive News Wire. Cyber Diver News Network is really just a obsessively negative person named Robert Hart living in Issaquah, Washington, hiding behind a smoke screen of fake names, not a large network of world-wide companies he presents himself to be. You will find out soon enough who I am and who I am affiliated with. Remember this date Robert...Oct 14, 2002.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's a tough call: The "free porn no credit card" or your offer of a date? Think I'll pass on both.

And you’re not fooling anybody with your lies and distortions. You’re here looking for revenge because the diving public rightly trashed you at ScubaLinx. You’re hung up on CDNN because it’s a brilliant site that has made a positive difference. By all accounts, both web sites are immensely popular and according to the editors and staff I met (sorry, no ‘bobbies’ nor ‘roberts’ among them and nobody cares if there is one or 100), they’re just getting started.

No company is above criticism and every reputable news organization publishes editorial opinion. The news at CDNN is balanced and informative, and the critical analysis positive and constructive unlike your sick obsession with some guy in Issaquah (looks like a nice place but evidently it’s landlocked so it wouldn’t work for us).

Proof? How about CDNN’s editorial in the aftermath of the Wave Dancer tragedy calling for changes, some of which were later adopted by Peter Hughes? Sick and obsessive like you? Or fair, balanced and responsible journalism that made a positive difference? I’ll let readers of this blog judge for themselves which is more credible: CDNN or your con-job here.

CDNN Editorial: The Lessons of the Wave Dancer Disaster by J. Wales

The terrible loss of life aboard the Wave Dancer sent major shock waves throughout the global scuba diving community. Predictably, amateur armchair critics immediately set about assigning blame and nailing down the "real" cause of the tragedy, even as others just as quickly moved to summarily dismiss the incident as an unfortunate but "unavoidable" tragedy. In either case, such initial from-the-hip calls seem to have been made on the basis of little if any factual information, nor proper regard for their immediate impacts upon emotionally scarred survivors or victims' loved ones.

Anyone out there ever wonder why members of professional accident investigative teams - the US National Transportation Safety Board for example - studiously avoid comments that even hint at assigning or absolving blame until a full investigation has been completed?

We would urge all those prone to a rush to judgment in the case of the Wave Dancer - on both sides of the fence - to take a deep breath, and allow the Belize Maritime Authority to complete its investigation in an atmosphere that promotes rational and objective analysis, and that looks not at just this aspect or that, but the totality of the facts. It is when (and only when) that task has been completed and the resultant findings made public that meaningful critical analysis of this tragedy by others should be undertaken or given any credibility.

Whatever the formal "verdict" of the Belize Maritime Authority turns out to be in this case, it is a virtual certainty that some very pointed questions will be given intensive scrutiny in coming months by Belizean authorities, and many within the sport diving community. The answers that emerge will have far-reaching ramifications for the entire live-aboard dive travel industry, influencing the way in which certain aspects of live-aboard dive operations - particularly those in regions subject to sudden, severe weather disturbances - are conducted in the future.

Particularly pertinent questions in this regard include:

* What indications (in terms of approaching or developing storms) make it advisable to cancel a dive expedition before it begins?

* Once an expedition is underway, what weather information (i.e., 'strike probabilities', storm strength, speed, direction) and other factors should guide the decision as to when it becomes advisable to "pull the hook" and run for safe harbor, and what standards should be applied to the use of such information in making that critical decision?

* Should live-aboard operators, as an essential aspect of their operations, maintain agreements with local authorities such that pre-arranged, designated adequate shelter (and sufficient transportation) for entire crew and compliment of guests is readily available at all likely points of disembarkation should conditions warrant such action?

* Under what circumstances should a docked vessel be considered a safe, or unsafe, shelter?

* What elements of vessel design should be given priority for live-aboard dive operations conducted under open ocean conditions in which storm conditions are likely at times?

* What criteria should dive travel consumers emphasize when assessing or comparing quality, safety, fairness, and reliability of live-board operations? What independent sources of information are available to the public to support such decisions?

Such questions can - and should - be asked generically at this time, without reference to what may or may not have happened in the case of the Wave Dancer. If there is anything we can learn from a thorough analysis of such questions that might lead to immediate actions designed to generally increase the inherent safety of live-aboard dive boat operations, it is incumbent upon us to do so now.

And the diving public should be involved in - even demand - this re-evaluation process. In the long run, it's your neck, and history tells us that it is unrealistic to simply assume that a commercial industry will invariably give top priority to public safety when it comes to choices that affect the "bottom line". We've learned that the hard way many times over, most recently with the auto and tobacco industries.

We believe that the majority of live-aboard charter captains are generally highly able and responsible. We also believe that most operators place a priority on the safety of passengers and crew, and take all reasonable precautions including thorough emergency planning. Nonetheless, the fact remains that this is a largely unregulated industry, and there is no guarantee that any dive operator, including well-funded and well-advertised ones, can provide safe and reliable services. It only takes one live-aboard to bring you a lot of grief if you choose the wrong dive operator.

Thus, as pertinent as the above-posed questions themselves remain, it would seem every bit as germane for those who presently (or might in the future) entrust their lives to a live-aboard dive operation to ask at this time, "Should I just leave decisions to the questions posed above entirely to the judgment of individual boat operators and/or Captains, or would I be better protected by having an independent panel of maritime safety experts develop standardized policies and procedures (perhaps customized somewhat for different geographic areas) to serve as "the book" in such matters?

The legal certification requirements for captains and vessels can and do vary widely among the many nations in which dive charter operations are conducted today. In the words of one seasoned live-aboard captain, "Too many innocent divers are completely incognizant of the dangers they are setting themselves into on some of the floating 'deathtraps' masquerading as luxury dive vessels with fine and pompous decor over completely unsafe vessel designs, construction, and layouts…Stability, load limits, communications, safety drills and procedures are all part of…(large vessel requirements)… but the light vessels are all without these considerations and operate with complete abandonment from many commonly held and respected safety and common sense practices."

And there is a very big difference between expertise at steering or navigating a boat, and knowing when to put the holiday on hold, pull the hook and run for shelter in various parts of the world. Essentially, safety consciousness is simply good seamanship but weather and ocean conditions vary greatly in different parts of the world, and captains well-versed in recognizing danger and responding properly in one part of the world may not be nearly so proficient on a new assignment elsewhere. After 40 years at sea, sailing with many duly licensed "captains" on many seas, there are those with whom I would entrust my life without a second thought, and those whose judgment was demonstrated such that I would not trust them to paddle me across a hotel pool on a raft. I am sure that I am not alone in this sentiment.

Thus, independently-developed guidelines or standards for live-aboard dive boat design, layout, operations, and emergency planning and procedures might go a long way in both promoting safety and instilling confidence among prospective diver-clients before they plunk down substantial amounts of hard-earned cash and leave home for remote dive destinations they have studied in Cyber Diver Dive Travel Reviews - confidence that no matter who they are diving with or where, they will sail aboard a properly designed and operated vessel and, should the need arise, they will be guided by a well-considered emergency response plan and well-trained and knowledgeable crew who act early with properly maintained safety equipment.

Let us hope that apathy, corporate lawyers and the moral deficiency that persuades some to turn a blind eye to mistakes will not hamper the investigation into what actually caused the death of 20 passengers and crew aboard Wave Dancer. Let us hope that if the Wave Dancer tragedy was caused by corporate greed, human error, negligence or just simple stupidity, as is often the case in passenger vessel accidents, the lessons will be studied, learned and applied to a dive industry that defiantly resists safety regulations despite growing evidence that it is entirely incapable of regulating itself. Let us also admit that while global safety standards will certainly help to enhance live-aboard diving safety, the Wave Dancer tragedy will not be the last live-aboard accident. As one maritime safety official puts it, "You can't beat human greed and error."

It's your life; the decision as to what level of risk you are willing to assume is entirely yours. To enhance your personal safety, you need to go well beyond the sun 'n fun holiday considerations such as meals and air-conditioning. You need to develop effective criteria for assessing the relative quality, safety, fairness and reliability of live-aboard operators. As a diver and prospective live-aboard client, you have every right to ask operators to document for you that their vessels are safe, their crews properly qualified and trained, and their plans to protect you adequate should a major storm or medical emergency threaten. In particular, you should be aware that your life is literally in the hands of the boat captain while at sea. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate for you to ask, "What is the safety record of this company? Has anyone ever been injured or killed while diving aboard this vessel? How was that emergency handled? Who will be my captain and exactly what are his or her qualifications, and hands-on experience in the area we will be sailing?" These are fair questions.

Here's another one: Will I receive a full cash refund if, for whatever reason, YOU cancel my dive trip, or a partial refund in the event that YOU cancel a day or more of my diving? If the answer to that question falls into the "Sorry, no refunds" corporate greed category, FIND ANOTHER LIVEABOARD! There are many honest, independent live-aboard operators who do not expect you to pay for services they were unable to provide.

Remember, before you are allowed to confirm space, live-aboard operators demand, "Sign this waiver and show me your money".

"Fair enough," you might well say, "But if you want my money (and that of my 15 companions), first, delete the fine print in the waiver that entitles you to take my money for services you did not provide, and then show me why I should trust you with my life!"

Anonymous said...

Okay, so CDNN got it right about the Wave Dancer and Peter Hughes made many of the changes recommended in the "Lessons of the Wave Dancer" editorial. But what about CDNN Headlines and the CDNN NewsWire press releases promoting dive travel to Hawaii and the Maldives?

CDNN Headlines

Anonymous said...

Right--CDNN NewsWire is how companies promote their products and services on the web's most popular scuba web site. But don't forget this is the "tell it like it is" stuff the losers are whining about:

CDNN Editorials

Anonymous said...

Wow! Heavy stuff. Can y'all recommend a good dive travel agent? We are a scuba diving club of 228 divers doing 4 or 5 full boat charters every year. We dumped our agent last week but that's another story!!!

Anonymous said...

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