Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mayan Tomb with Upright Skeleton

A photograph of one of the paintings at BonampakImage via WikipediaWhat is also interesting about this story of an Mayan tomb is that the discovery was made in 2005, but only announced last week.

Ancient Maya Tomb Found: Upright Skeleton, Unusual Location
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Tomb of Heru in Egypt

Egyptian TombImage by Simian Cephalopod via Flickr
Heru was a Egyptian courier and "real estate manager" according to this article on the National Geographic website. The photo shows painted figurines.

Photo in the News: "Unusual" Tomb of Egyptian Courtier Found
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

King Herod's Tomb

King Herod's Court in Bethlehem, Glastonbury 1915Image via WikipediaAfter 35 years of excavation, an archaeological team for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has uncovered King Herod's tomb in Herodium. Here are some of the details.

Biblical Archaeology Society
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