Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Archaeology in the News

Foxnewslogo.Image via WikipediaToo cool! Fox News now has an archaeology section. Alas, they stuck it in the SciTech section, as usual, but at least it is there.

Archaeology | Egyptology | Archeology - FOXNews.com
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Heard Museum Gift Shop in Phoeniz, AZ

Heard Museum, Phoenix, ArizonaImage by Xavier de Jaur├ęguiberry via FlickrThe Heard Museum, in Phoenix, Arizona, has a fine collection of Native American items, kachina dolls (contemporary), Zuni carvings, and many other fine gifts.

Heard Museum Gift Shop
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Horse Skull Prank

Horse skull.Museum d'histoire naturelle.Paris.Image via Wikipedia
Great article by Kris Hirst about the Spencer Lake Mounds horse skull prank.

No Vikings in Wisconsin? Prank at Spencer Lake Mounds
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