Saturday, January 14, 2012

Staffordshire Pottery of the American Antiquarian Society

The American Antiquarian Society has put together an online exhibit of Staffordshire Pottery of John Ridgeway called The Beauties of America. These pieces are part of the Emma DeForest Morse Collection, and are the blue transfer patterns. In addition to the photos, details and a bibliography are provided.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Summer Field School in Maritime Archaeology - Bermuda

Raising Awareness of Maritime Cutural Heritage...Image by europanostra via Flickr
Saint Mary's College-University of Rhode Island

2012 Summer Field School in Maritime Archaeology

The Summer Field School in Maritime Archaeology is a joint research
expedition conducted in Bermuda by faculty and students of Saint Mary's
College of California and the University of Rhode Island.  The field school
is a research-based learning experience that will expose students to a
variety of activities including archival research, artifact conservation,
remote sensing survey, and underwater documentation of historic shipwrecks.

The field school will be conducted in the three week period from July 16 -
Aug 8, 2012. Classroom work related to maritime history and maritime
archaeological field methods will comprise week one. Underwater research and
documentation of 16th and 17th century shipwrecks will be conducted in
Bermuda during the remaining two weeks. Students will receive 3 units of
upper division anthropology credit.

Course enrollment is limited.  There are no academic prerequisites, but all
participants in the field school must obtain both scuba and AAUS
certification prior to the beginning of the field school and must have their
own diving equipment (tanks and weights will be provided).  While in
Bermuda, students will participate in each of three research modules:
laboratory training in the museum's conservation facility, archaeological
survey and excavation and documentation of historic shipwrecks, and archival
research in the Bermuda Archives, located in the nearby city of Hamilton.
In addition, students will attend periodic lectures on such topics as
archival research methods, archaeological survey (magnetometer and visual
survey), site excavation and mapping, analysis of archaeological data,
conservation of waterlogged artifacts, etc.

For applications or additional information, please contact Professor James
M. Allan of the Saint Mary's College Anthropology Department or Professor Roderick Mather of the University of
Rhode Island History Department, who are the
co-directors of the program..

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