Monday, June 28, 2010

Mystery Objects from the Field

Anne Raab (annmraab "at" has two mystery objects that she needs identified. Here are her comments and the photos:

Does anyone know what these are? My guess is they are parts of an old music box, or some other percussive type instrument. They seem to be either brass or copper. Sorry I don't have a better picture right now. I had to take this one with my phone.

They were found at a farmstead site on the Western Missouri border, with a first European occupation in the 1850's, and last occupied in the early 20th century.

The second object was found at the same site. The material is very chalky, and I am not sure what it is. It was found in multiple pieces, and I originally thought it was some kind of natural calcification that had formed in an insect burrow, giving it its rounded quality. Back in the lab I discovered it all fit together to form this shape. (sorry about the quality of the photo)

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Joy said...

Could it be a Mezuzah (see Wikipedia), because it was European they could have been Jewish?


The Second Round shape objects seems to me is a coin>Please make the things clear in a Archaeological Laboratory,I am sure you will get some Result.Other two things should have been more clear and need picture for proper identification.I think it can be identified.