Friday, May 07, 2010

Archaeology Channel International Film Festival, May18-22

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The seventh annual installment of The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival will take place May 18-22, 2010. This event, which includes a keynote address by leading First Americans researcher Dr. Jon Erlandson, is highlighted in TAC Festival 2010 Preview, the latest video feature on our nonprofit streaming-media Web site, The Archaeology Channel .

TAC Festival showcases the world’s best films and videos on archaeology and indigenous peoples in the Soreng Theater at Hult Center for the Performing Arts in Eugene, Oregon, USA. This preview video includes a short clip from each of the 19 productions that will compete on the big screen. Film-makers from 32 countries submitted a total of 100 entries for this event, which is one of the world’s few contests in the genre of cultural heritage film and the only juried competition of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.

This and other programs are available on TAC for your use and enjoyment. We urge you to support this public service by participating in our Membership ( and Underwriting ( programs. Only with your help can we continue and enhance our nonprofit public-education and visitor-supported programming. We also welcome new content partners as we reach out to the world community.
Please forward this message to others who may be interested.

Richard M. Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA
President and Executive Director
Archaeological Legacy Institute
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