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2011 Society for Historical Archaeology Student Paper Competition Guidelines

Below are the guidelines for the 2011 SHA Student Paper you can see, the deadline is nearing (November 15th) you are currently an SHA student member, who IS ALREADY GIVING A PAPER AT THE 2011 SHA MEETING in Austin, Texas.then you might consider getting us the "AS READ" version (10 PAGES OR LESS) of your paper by the deadline.who knows. you might be the next winner of the book prize.

2011 Society for Historical Archaeology

Student Paper Competition Guidelines

The 10th Society for Historical Archaeology Student Paper Prize will be
awarded at the 44rd Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology, to be held in Austin, Texas, in January 5-9, 2011. The prize will be awarded to a student, or students, whose written version of a conference paper is judged superior in the areas of originality, research merit, clarity of presentation, professionalism, and of potential relevance to a considerable segment of the archaeological community. One prize will be awarded: The winning author(s) will receive a book prize consisting of titles donated by the many presses and organizations exhibiting in the SHA Conference Book Room (totaling over $900 worth of items in 2010) and a letter of recognition from the SHA President. The winning author (s) will be encouraged to submit his or her paper to be reviewed for possible publication in Historical Archaeology. The results of the competition will be communicated to the entrants prior to the meeting and the winner will be announced at the annual business meeting.


1)     Entrants must be student members of the SHA prior to submission of papers and registered for the 2011 annual meeting by December 2010.

2)     The paper must be prepared according to current Historical
Archaeology guidelines (see the SHA website for these details) and be
submitted by November 15, 2010.  Submissions are strongly encouraged to be made electronically (MS Word or PDF) to Jamie Brandon, chair of the Student Paper Prize Subcommittee at  If it is necessary to submit in printed form please send 7 copies to Dr. Jamie Brandon, Arkansas Archeological Survey, P.O. Box 9381, Magnolia, AR 71754.

3)     The paper must be presented by one of the student authors at the
annual meeting.

4)     There may be a maximum of two authors on the paper.  All of the
authors must be students and members of SHA.  In the event of a winning co-authored paper, the authors will split the available cash and book

5)     Papers are to be limited to no more than 10 pages of text using
standard fonts, margins and line spacing (e.g. double spaced).  The intent is that the length of the paper submitted must be in line with what can reasonably be presented in 15 minutes.  Papers which are deemed by the committee to be impossible to deliver in a standard 15 minute format will be eliminated from the competition.

6)      Any additional questions may be addressed to Jamie Brandon via email (listed above)

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